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Luxury Items

Come, be amazed by what you can discover in our facility. "One of New England's largest premier lenders and purchasers of high-end, luxury items."

  • 160601213846.jpg

    Sign is a unique, vintage item and is in good condition.

    Price: $649
  • 160601213656.jpg

    This sign is very cool and is in good condition.

    Price: $399
  • 160601204439.jpg

    Watch is real 14kt gold and weighs about 14.9dwt. It is very clean and beautiful.

    Price: $1,000
  • 160601204146.jpg

    This eagle statue is made entirly for urn covers. It is in great condition and is very flawless


    Price: $549
  • 160601203509.jpg

    Guitar is a beautiful red color that is very vibrant and sounds really appealing.

    Price: $649
  • 160601203231.jpg

    Guitar is in stunning condition and is very beautiful. The guitar sounds very appealing and is just in the nicest shape.

    Price: $874
  • 160601202613.jpg

    Tool Box is in good condition and is very extensive so it does hold a lot of tools.

    Price: $2,499
  • 160601202117.jpg

    These pandora beads are all real and are in great conditon. The regular ones are priced at $14.99 and the ones that have gold in them are $34.99

    Price: $14
  • 160601201904.jpg

    This watch is in really nice shape and is very admirable.

    Price: $749
  • 160601201205.jpg

    This Gibson guitar is in beautiful condition and also sounds it!

    Price: $999.99
  • 160601200913.jpg

    This Martin guitar is in really nice shape and sounds beautiful. The guitar comes with an add on electric piece.

    Price: $3,500
  • 160318223253.jpg

    These two guitars are in perfect condition and really stand out. The red one is $299 and the other one is $349. Both are in amazing conditon.

    Price: 349 & 299
  • 160318223008.jpg

    Both of these guitars are in good conditon and sound great!

    Price: Yours for $199
  • 160318222618.jpg

    This guitar really pops whe sun light hits it. It really sounds beautiful and really stands out from the other guitars.  

    Price: $1249
  • 160318222308.jpg

    This hand crafted guitar is really beautiful and sounds amazing.

    Price: $999
  • 160318222009.jpg

    This acoustic guitaris an old classic and really sounds great. It is in perfect condtion and has no problems.

    Price: $649
  • 160318221622.jpg

    Guitar is in amazing condition. Really pops out and looks beautiful. The sound this guitar makes is certainly outstanding.

    Price: $449
  • 160318185642.jpg

    Guitar & Amp are both in good condition and both work really well.

    Price: $299
  • 160318184235.jpg

    This segway works perfectly! The segway looks almost brand new. Please call or contact us if you would like to recieve any more information about the pricing or the segway itself.

    Price: 1,700
  • 160305160316.jpg

    Guitar is in beautiful shape. Sounds absolutely perfect for a Guild Guitar. The colors on the guitar stand out really well and really pop out when the sun hits it.

    Price: 1,299
  • 160229210929.jpg

    Silver bars are in really nice shape. Pictures on the stamps stand out well and really pop out.

    Price: $149.99
  • 160229210537.jpg

    Coins are in really nice shape and condition. Each coin is sealed by plastic and comes in a box.

    Price: $249.99
  • 160229210300.jpg

    Stamped Silver Bars are in great condition. The pictures on the bars come out great and really stand out.

    Price: $249.99
  • 160229204520.jpg

    Coin is in really nice shape. Comes in a casing that is sealed.

    Price: $399.99
  • 160229202444.jpg

    China set is in perfect shape. Very nice decoration for your house.

    Price: $599.99
  • 160229202127.jpg

    China set is in really nice shape with all pieces together. Perfect dining room decoration for your house.

    Price: $149.99
  • 160229201700.jpg

    House stereo is in really nice shape and condition. Works perfectly! Awhile music plays the stereo blinks different colors along with it.

    Price: $999.99
  • 160229201406.jpg

    Ring is in nice shape and condition. This ring is a size 6 and all diamonds are real.

    Price: $599.99
  • 160226225408.jpg

    Cluster ring is in outstanding conditoin. The ring sizr is 8 and weighs 7.2 grams and 4.6 in DWT.

    Price: $999.99
  • 160226224950.jpg

    White gold ring is in really beautiful and nice. The ring fits a size 7 and weighs 6.1 grams and 3.9 in DWT.

    Price: $1,249